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Digital technology is forcing organisations to change at an unprecedented rate. However, while adopting new technology is a prerequisite, it is not sufficient: To achieve the full potential of a digital transformation, people will have to change their mindset and behaviour.

At Manpremo Performance, we focus on leadership development and the people side of Digital Transformation. Using our science-based Body, Brain & Behaviour model, we develop Sustainable Performance-Enabling Behaviours for the digital age, to create the mindset and behaviour change that will make your transformation successful.

Through our development programmes and our Be At Your Best community, we enable development of Sustainable Performance-Enabling Behaviours. Sustainable Performance-Enabling Behaviours are behaviours that enable you to improve your performance without sacrificing yourself. We believe attaining Sustainable Performance-Enabling Behaviours requires a combination of the right physical Capacity, Mindset, and Competence.



Learn more about how our data driven and technology supported development programmes can help provide the physical Capacity, Mindset and Competence that will enable you to be at your best.


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Join our Be At Your Best community for change-leaders who are passionate about science based, data driven, and technology supported behaviour change to improve performance for themselves and their followers. Joining our community will give you access to other change-leaders and content to help you develop Sustainable Performance-Enabling Behaviours for the digital age.


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