Work patterns for high performance

Manage your energy so your brain can perform your most important skills, while supporting your well-being.

Manage your attention, spending your resources on the right tasks and with the right people.

Develop personal and organisational habits that achieve sustainable high performance.

M A H O U T  provides personal and organisational insights, to develop habits and work patterns for sustainable high performance.

Physiological data from wearables enhance your self-awareness of what drains and gains your energy & attention.

Healthy behaviour is recommended and embedded in new habits and work patterns.

The effect is visualised in reports that can be used as input for continuous improvement.

Increase your self-awareness

M A H O U T  uses data from Garmin wearables to analyse your physiological stress, recovery, sleep and movement.

Your balance between stress and recovery is monitored so an imbalance can be detected and reacted upon in time.

M A H O U T detects the events that impact your balance and increases your awareness of what drains and gains your energy.

Connect your Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook calendar to learn how specific meetings impact you.

Learn how you can manage your energy and attention

Online Learning Journeys improve your understanding of how the body impacts your brain.

  • Receive recommendations for behaviours that recharge your energy.
  • Learn how to use data-driven experiments to discover which behaviour works for you. 
  • Learn how to turn the effective behaviours into daily practice by forming habits.

Track improvements and plan changes

M A H O U T  reports track your improvements over time.

  • Do I need to reduce stress to ensure I can sustain my performance?
  • Am I spending my resources on important work tasks and with the right people?
  • Is the behaviour I adopted to improve my sleep, actually working?

Optimise work patterns to improve performance & well-being for groups

Anonymous group reporting enable you to plan more impactful interventions.

Discover the most draining time of the work-week, use the insight to identify the cause, and design ways of working that increases daytime recovery.

M A H O U T can be used with Garmin devices that support the Firstbeat All-Day Stress and Recovery Score including Vivosmart 3, Vivosmart 4, VivosportVivomove HRVivoactive 3Forerunner 645Forerunner 935Fenix 5, and Tactix Charlie.

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