So… your next important meeting is in 30 minutes. Your ability to perform determines if the outcome is successful. But the last few days have been crazy, you are running out of energy and cannot think as clearly as you would like.

You invested time in the meeting, wouldn’t it be great if you had mental-capacity to invest as well?

Manpremo M A H O U T uses biofeedback to help you manage your mental capacity

  • Measure how your body responds to your everyday activities
  • Increase your self-awareness around what drains and gains your capacity
  • Receive recommendations on how to increase your brain performance and prevent stress
  • Experiment with different recommendations and learn what works for you
  • Turn what works into daily practice so you can be at your best when you need to!
  • Monitor your improvements over time

Sustain your productivity and well-being

M A H O U T helps you maintain the right balance between the draining and gaining of your mental capacity.

M A H O U T uses Garmin activity trackers to measure your body’s exposure to physiological stress and recovery. M A H O U T detects events that drain and gain your capacity and gives them context to increase your awareness of how your body responds to specific activities.

Connect your Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 calendar to learn how specific meetings impact your capacity.

M A H O U T can be used with Garmin devices that support the Firstbeat All-Day Stress and Recovery Score including Vivosmart 3, Vivosmart 4, VivosportVivomove HRVivoactive 3Forerunner 645Forerunner 935Fenix 5, and Tactix Charlie.

Learn how you can increase your capacity and reduce stress

Receive individualised recommendations on how you can increase your capacity. Turn the recommendations into daily practice, learn what works for you, and monitor your improvement over time.

  • Do I need to reduce stress to ensure I can sustain my performance?
  • Do most of my high-stress events occur at work or in my leisure time?
  • Is there a pattern to my most stressful events?
  • Is the behaviour I adopted to improve my sleep routine increasing recovery?

Aggregated and anonymous progress reports for groups can be provided when M A H O U T is used as part of a development programme.

Using M A H O U T

Sufficient mental capacity is a prerequisite for effective behaviour leading to productivity and well-being.

M A H O U T is a valuable component of any organisational change programme, productivity improvement or well-being and mental-health initiative.

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