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Increase effectiveness, mitigate stress and build capacity and capability to change

Organisational change is demanding on people. The LEAD YOUR ELEPHANT programme uses wearable technology to objectively measure physical capacity and enables people to implement behaviours, that will improve their physical and mental performance and change competency.

The Rider and the Elephant metaphor is used to provide a simple, yet powerful way to enable you to understand how your brain functions and drives your behaviour. The Rider is the Controlled / Conscious part of the brain. The Elephant is the Automatic / Subconscious part of the brain. Read more.

Your Elephant will do what it takes to resist your behaviour change. Learning to LEAD YOUR ELEPHANT will enable you to change behaviour successfully.


Lead Your Elephant is a three-month programme that identifies and implements behaviours that will improve your physical and mental capacity and change competency. The programme is delivered online and on-demand to accommodate your busy schedule.

Body & Behaviour Assessment

Body & Behaviour Assessment

Analysis of how you sleep, rest and move to obtain an accurate measurement of your stress and recovery balance.

Coaching session

Coaching session

Receive a one-hour coaching session to receive advice on how to improve your physical and mental capacity.

Personal Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Plan

Identify the most impactful development milestone and related behaviours in your personal leadership plan.

Online learning and development

Online learning and development

Get access to educational content such as articles and videos to support your development journey.

Monthly check-in and coaching

Monthly check-in and coaching

Recieve three 30-minute coaching sessions after the first, second and third month to keep your development on track.

Community Membership

Community Membership

Join a private community to share and learn from other people going through the same development journey.

Option: Second Body and Behaviour Assessment

Second Body and Behaviour Assessment

Receive a second assessment with a medical-grade heart rate monitor to validate the effectiveness of your new routine and quantify your overall achievement.

Option: Garmin Vivoactive 3 fitness tracker

Garmin Vivoactive 3 fitness tracker

Buy or rent a Garmin Vivoactive 3 to continuously measure your health metrics. Track progress in your personalised development plan.



Identify the most impactful goal and related behaviour change with the help of a Manpremo coach and your heart-rate monitor.

Build a personalised development plan.

Learn from bite-sized online videos at your leisure.

Practice the small, simple steps from your personalised development plan, to achieve your desired behaviour change.

Monthly check-in with your Manpremo coach.

Receive ongoing support and inspiration from your private community.

With a Manpremo coach, reflect on what you have learned and how to apply it.

Quantify your achievement through a second heart-rate monitor measurement (optional).

Establish new goals and related behaviours to continue your development.