Create Sustainable High Performance

We use wearables and data to help leaders and teams optimise their work patterns, so that time, energy and attention, are focused on value-adding activities. This improves both business performance and well-being. We call it Sustainable High Performance.
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Working longer hours isn’t the solution

Distractions, interruptions, back-to-back meetings, global and frequent change, are just some of the demands consuming your time, energy and attention.

For many, the solution to distractions, lack of energy and loss of focus in the workplace has been: “Just work more hours”.

Work patterns need to evolve beyond working overtime, and change in a way that protects and nurtures the scarcest resources we have – time, energy and attention. If not, productivity, performance and employee engagement will suffer.

Improve your performance and well-being

Increase your impact without working more

Performance is a function of the time, energy and attention invested in high-value activities.

We combine neuropsychology, and cutting-edge technology with data-driven insights to help you unlearn work patterns that are counterproductive while re-focusing your energy and attention on high-value activities.

Create effective work patterns

Work patterns represent the way people spend time to get their work done. Some tasks require deep focus and concentration, while other activities can only succeed through engaged collaboration with others.

To help individuals consider and describe the way they work, we provide a simple model that categorises cognitive work into five different work modes: Focus, Collaboration, Reactive, Repetitive and Recharge Mode.

The model helps you understand your work pattern and the opportunities for optimising it.

Learn how to optimise your work pattern

Uncover wasted effort

The key to recovering unproductive effort and redeploying it to high-value activities is to increase both the individual’s and the organisation’s awareness and management of how time, energy and attention are invested.

The sliding before-and-after bar below shows the impact on energy and attention of an individual after optimising her work pattern.

Before optimising work patternAfter optimising work pattern

Form habits that increase your “Return-On-Effort”

Simple changes in behaviour can have a significant effect on our energy and attention. Wearables and data are used to determine the most impactful behaviour change.

We go beyond short term inspiration to focus on embedding behaviours into daily practice through the formation of habits. Your performance and well-being will improve without you working more.

Habits for Sustainable High Performance

Habits for sustainable high performance is a subscription-based service that supports individuals with the ongoing formation of habits in order to refocus their time, energy and attention on high-value activities.

Subscribers become increasingly aware of their work pattern and how they are investing their time, energy and attention.

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Optimise work patterns for teams

Cultivating the ability to change behaviour at the individual level, creates a ripple effect throughout the entire organisation.

The culture and environment, in turn, impacts how individuals behave. Especially in high-pressure situations where good intentions can be forgotten.

Our bespoke tailored programmes help you build and shape a sustainable high-performance culture.

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