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Develop the required competencies whilst building brain performance and change competency

Tailor made development programmes for organisations, with a focus on enabling groups of people to enhance their capacity and capability to change behaviour; develop the required competencies and increase brain performance

Foundational Competencies

We co-create and tailor programmes to build the competencies required for your organisation.

Our foundational in-house competencies are shown here.

Their aim is to enable people to do more of what matters most and make the greatest impact possible.

Science, simplified for enhanced learning

The Rider and the Elephant metaphor is used to provide a simple, yet powerful way to enable you to understand how your brain functions, drives your behaviour and can be used to optimise your effectiveness.

The Rider is the Controlled / Conscious part of the brain. The Elephant is the Automatic / Subconscious part of the brain. Read more.

This metaphor is used throughout the programme to simplify and enhance the learning journey.



Measure physical capacity (stress/recovery balance, sleep, rest, movement) and how time is spent at work (meetings, email, focus time).

Identify the most impactful milestones and related habit change with the help of a Manpremo coach.

Build a personalised development plan.

Learn about applied brain science, psychology and physiology. Learn the science of enhancing the capability to change behaviour.

The learning modules are facilitated with practical exercises and typically delivered face-to-face in groups during a 1-3 day workshop.

Review the personalised development plan, detailing specific, meaningful milestones and their related habits.

Embed the science and practices into everyday, simple behaviours.

Identify the enabling and disabling beliefs.

Get support and create commitment with your manager and colleagues.

Make the changes stick and build the competencies through nudges, action learning, group work and webinars.

Share and discuss with your colleagues via the community based online development platform.

Quantify your achievement through further health and work assessments.

Receive coaching and establish new goals and related behaviours to continue your development.

The programme’s community based online development platform, provides a scalable and cost effective solution.