Development Programmes

Our development programmes are for organisations who believe that long-term success comes from creating an environment in which people flourish

  • Behaviour change with a purpose
  • Founded in science
  • Developing organisational competencies
  • Creating the capacity to perform
  • Using a data-driven approach

Behaviour change with a purpose

We implement behaviour change towards achieving what matters most. Therefore our programmes are tailored to build the competencies required for your organisation.

We strive to align the purpose of the individual with that of the organisation to create the desire to change. People need to feel what they do is meaningful, and contributes to making a positive difference for others. Read more.

Founded in science

We use knowledge from neuroscience, psychology and physiology to ensure we apply proven practices.

We simplify science for enhanced learning. For example, sufficient mental capacity is a prerequisite for being able to change. The Rider and the Elephant metaphor is used to provide a simple, yet powerful way to enable you to understand how your brain functions.

The Rider is the Controlled/Conscious part of the brain. The Elephant is the Automatic/Subconscious part of the brain. Read more.

I am more aware of what impacts my brain performance. The Rider and Elephant metaphor have helped with this.”
-Wojciech Faszczewski, Vice President, Coloplast Poland Business Center

Developing the competency to change

We build knowledge of how to change in line with developing the required organisational competency e.g. leadership competencies, or functional competencies.

Your brain drives your behaviour. By building awareness of how your brain functions and influences your behaviour; you are better able to develop behaviour that is effective towards achieving what matters. Read more. We facilitate and help people acquire knowledge in our workshops and community-based online learning journeys such as Understanding how you can help your brain change your behaviour. Read more.

Creating the capacity to be productive

We create the ability to change, by enabling people to gain the resources required to change and sustain their productivity.

Without an appropriate balance between stress and recovery, your productivity and ability to change is inhibited. Your stress and recovery balance is impacted by meeting your physical needs (read more) and social needs (read more).

Using wearables and analytics software, we enable you to increase and manage your mental resources. Our Body & Behaviour Assessment provides an accurate measurement of your stress and recovery balance. Manpremo MAHOUT helps you manage your mental resources continuously, and creates awareness of stressors in your social environment. We use Microsoft MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics to provide data on how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

Using a data-driven approach

Our focus on developing soft skills doesn’t mean we don’t like hard results.

This is why we use measurements where ever possible, to help us Discover the most impactful changes. We therefore reduce effort, and focus in on what people really need to Develop and Sustain, in their daily practice. At the end of the project, it also enables us to quantify the impact.


Identify the most impactful behaviour change for developing organisational competencies and for improving personal well-being.

Use biofeedback to measure stress & recovery balance, sleep, rest and movement. Use people analytics to measure how time is spent at work and who it is spent with (meetings, email, focus time).

Build a personalised development plan focused on behaviour and experimentation.


Facilitated learning on how to apply tools from neuropsychology and physiology. Learn how to develop organisational competencies while increasing well-being.

Learn about optimal brain functioning. Learn the science of building the capacity and capability to change behaviour and form habits.

Individual, Group and Class exercises delivered on-site or on-line/on-demand.


Embed and sustain the new behaviours in the way that people work, through the formation of habits.

Develop through applied learning, group sharing, check-ins and objective, on-going measurements.

Quantify your achievement through objective, subjective and inter-subjective measurements.

“We needed a co-created programme for our Business Centre Leadership Team (CPBC), to support them with developing a mindset and set of behaviours, related to a new way of working and how they functioned together.
The way Manpremo measured behaviours, facilitated the understanding of brain science and provided practical tools for changing behaviour and personal leadership; had a significant impact on the participants and the team.”

-Mads Jelbert Mikkelsen, Coloplast, Leadership Development Manager

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