Body & Behaviour Assessment2018-06-21T09:12:02+00:00

Measure your body and behaviour

Objective measurement of how your behaviour impacts your body’s capacity for resources. Identify which behavioural changes will have the biggest impact on your body and performance.

  • Increase your awareness of how you manage your stress/recovery balance and physical resources.
  • Increase your awareness of how your behaviour and habits impact the way that you think, feel and behave.
  • Identify the changes in behaviour that will have the most significant impact on your stress/recovery balance, well-being and performance.
  • Objectively measure your progress and determine the impact that the changes actually have on you.


Accurate measurement for 3-7 days and nights of your:

  • Daytime rest & recovery
  • Sleep duration, quality of recovery & % of recovery
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Stress levels & stress management


Results analysis & Coaching:

  • Individual results analysis and coaching on your report.
  • A detailed breakdown of your report with key learning points.
  • The setting of individual goals that will make the most impact on your wellbeing and performance.
  • Identification and implementation of the required behaviour changes and related habits.
  • Gain an understanding of how your brain functions in simple terms and use this awareness, combined with your measurement results to make sustainable behaviour changes.
  • Option to take the assessment subsequent times to measure objective changes.


Your Individual Assessment

Your individual assessment report will include a detailed day by day overview of how your experiences and behaviour are impacting your body and brain, together with a summary that shows your management of your resources over the whole assessment.

Day view

See how your body reacts to the events and experiences of your day and night.


Summary of resource management

Gain awareness of how you use and gain resources. Determine what activates you and uses your resources vs. what provides you with recovery and therefore a gain in resources and capacity.


Focus on the habits – making change possible and sustainable

During your results analysis and coaching session, we will focus on the habits that require changing to enable you to achieve your goals. We will break these habits down into their most basic form and provide you with an implementation plan for how you can make these habits sustainable.