Body & Behaviour Assessment

Trivial-seeming everyday choices can have a significant influence on how you cope at work and in your leisure time.

Insights into how your daily behaviour and habits, impact your stress and mental resources; are key in improving your agility and well-being.

The Body & Behaviour Assessment objectively measures how your behaviour impacts your mental resources

  • Increase your awareness of how you manage your stress and mental resources
  • Increase your awareness of how your behaviour and habits impact the way that you think, feel and behave
  • Identify the changes in behaviour that will have the greatest impact on your agility and well-being

The assessment is powered by the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and our unique approach to forming habits

Included is access to our on-line learning on changing and building habits (web and mobile)

Accurate measurement for 3-7 days and nights of your:

  • Daytime rest & recovery
  • Sleep duration, quality of recovery & % of recovery
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Stress level

“I have been using sleep and exercise to maintain physical and mental capacity, which has been especially important recently, with a very full schedule including deliverables for executives and international travel.”

-Brad H., Coloplast

Implement behaviour that improves your performance:

  • Results analysis and coaching on your report
  • Identification of the most impactful behaviour change
  • Provide a simple approach for turning your new behaviour into a habit
  • Understand how to help your brain change your behaviour
  • Capturing everything you need in your personal development plan

Monitor your ongoing progress using MAHOUT see more.

I have built habits around sleep and regular daytime breaks to manage my physical and mental capacity. I am also more aware of my strengths of honesty and humbleness and how I can apply them in combination, to build influence and respect.

– Kelsi Ma, Coloplast

Create a culture that fosters sustainable productivity:

  • Run the Body & Behaviour Assessment for your team or organisation
  • Receive aggregated results to help you identify areas of improvement
  • Identify cultural norms that inhibit sustainable productivity
  • Implement practices and behaviours that foster sustainable productivity

The group report is anonymous. No personal data is shared.

Coloplast A/S Senior Leadership Team Outcome:

  • “We reviewed our meeting culture by reducing the number of meetings, reducing the duration of meetings and delegating responsibility to attend meetings to others”
  • “We have increased the number of walk and talk meetings”
  • “We are aware of and actively take more bio breaks during and between meetings. This includes having healthy snacks”

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