Invest your energy right

Use a unique combination of wearables, software and on-line, self-paced learning to form habits that improve your well-being and performance.

Measure and quantify the impact of your new habit.

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Learn how to have more energy for your most important work

Included in the subscription is a Garmin device and MAHOUT application to provide insights into how you gain and drain your energy.

Together with the coach, you will identify the change in behaviour that will boost your energy level and wellbeing the most.

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Optimise how you work to gain more time on your high-value activities

Your work pattern represents the way you spend your time to get your work done. You will learn a simple model that categorises cognitive work into five work modes:

  • Recharge Mode
  • Focus Mode
  • Repetitive Mode
  • Collaboration Mode
  • Reactive Mode

We help you optimise how you work to gain more undisturbed focus time on your essential work with higher energy and attention.

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Form habits that improve your performance and wellbeing

Our community-based online learning platform gives you access to structured knowledge and learning on how to form habits that give you more energy and better attention, on your most important work.

You can access the materials you need to support your ongoing development when and where you need it using our mobile app or your web browser.

During our regular online live events, we dive into specific topics and enable you to engage with the coaches and other members.

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Track your development over time

The MAHOUT Dashboard helps you track your progress, and analyse where to focus next.

MAHOUT also detects the events that drain and gain your energy the most. Using this awareness you can form habits that make the greatest impact on your energy and well-being.

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Subscription benefits

Transform the way you work to improve your performance and wellbeing:

  • Clarify your High Value Activities – your most important work.
  • Understand how to change the way you work to get more undisturbed focus time on your most important work
  • Learn which behaviours are effective in boosting energy and increasing focus
  • Understand a simple model for developing sustainable high performance work patterns
  • Learn how to use biometric data to manage your energy and attention
  • Access our dedicated online conversation space so you can talk about what’s working–and what’s not–with others
  • Receive nudges and ongoing data on how well you are managing your energy
  • Access live virtual events diving into specific topics so you can discover new ideas and enhance your skills while connecting with others
  • Access to 1:1 mentoring by specialists
  • Receive a Garmin Vivosmart 4 activity tracker or upgrade to a more advanced model
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