People analytics and development journeys to help people thrive in the new world of work

Why us?

We create sustainable productivity by increasing the capacity to be productive and the ability to change – so you can achieve more of what matters most.

In environments that foster sustainable productivity, people can develop and be productive without negatively impacting their health; for the benefit of the individual, the organisation and our society.

What we do

We help individuals and organisations develop behaviours that create sustainable productivity. Sustainable productivity comes from having the capacity to be productive and the ability to change.

Increase the capacity to be productive

We use wearable technology and analytics to identify the most impactful change and create awareness to motivate change.

Develop the ability to change

We simplify knowledge from neuroscience, psychology and physiology and provide practical tools that enable behaviour change.

Here are some of the ways our customers are using our services

New Strategy Implementation

Identify and embed the behaviours that are effective in successfully implementing the new strategy

New Strategy Implementation

Define critical success factors, enabling behaviours and time allocation (how and who you spend time with) for the strategy. Measure enabling behaviours and time spent. Build capacity and capability to change. Develop and embed the business competencies that are effective in successfully implementing the new strategy.

Talent & Leadership Development

Develop leadership competency

Talent & Leadership Development

Use action learning and a development plan to develop leadership competencies and embed them into daily practice. Use objective measurements to detect effective and ineffective behaviours that impact change competency. Promote and practice effective behaviours. Quantify the impact of the development.

New Values and Behaviours

Define and embed new values and behaviours

New Values and Behaviours

Using appreciative inquiry, co-create a mission and a new set of values and behaviours for a new way of working, for the whole organisation. Clearly define how to implement the behaviours in the different areas of the organisation. Build an environment that supports values and behaviours and ensures that they are practiced.

New Compliance Standards

Accelerate leadership team adoption of new regulations and standards

New Compliance Standards

Define and enable the mindset and enabling behaviours that are required for the new way of working. As a management team, define the behaviours that need to be role modeled. Build capacity and capability to change, to develop new competencies and to accelerate compliance with the new standards and regulations.


Body & Behaviour Assessment

Improve your daily performance and well-being. Utilise an objective measurement of your body’s reactions to daily activities and environmental factors to help you:

  • Manage stress
  • Enhance recovery
  • Identify effective and ineffective behaviour
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Everyday management of your stress and recovery balance using a fitness tracker and the Manpremo MAHOUT software.

  • Detect what activities gain and drain your mental capacity
  • Learn new behaviours that will increase your mental capacity
  • Practice the new behaviour and validate that it works
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Tailored Development Programmes

Tailor made development programmes for organisations, with a focus on brain science. We enable groups of people to enhance their capacity, the capability to change behaviour and develop the required competencies.

Our programmes are:

  • Science-based
  • Data-driven
  • Delivered onsite, online and on-demand
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