Create Sustainable High Performance

We use wearables and data to help you optimise work patterns, so that time, energy and attention, are focused on value-adding activities. It improves both business performance and well-being. We call it Sustainable High Performance.

Working longer hours isn’t the solution

Constant digital distractions, interruptions, back-to-back meetings, global collaboration and frequent change, are just some of the demands consuming your attention and energy.

Your attention and energy are limited. Managing these, is crucial for your sustainable performance and your avoidance of burnout.

The work patterns in most organisations are not evolving fast enough to accommodate the new reality. As a result, productivity, performance and employee engagement, is suffering.

The Sustainable High Performance Programme

Prioritising what and who your employees focus their attention on, allows them to maximize results, with the energy they have available. By recovering and recharging, they are able to redeploy energy with purpose, prioritisation, and presence.




Identify the most impactful behaviour changes for energy and attention management.

Learn how to build work patterns and habits for energy and attention management.

Embed and sustain the new behaviours, while measuring their impact on performance and well-being.

We objectively measure the impact of daily behaviour on well-being and effectiveness.

We provide on-site facilitated workshops and community based, on-line learning.

We provide on-going measurements of the impact that the new habits are having.

Organisations we have worked with

Case Studies

Empowering great people to increase their impact, is what makes us at Manpremo thrive. Here are some examples of how our services have helped great people and organisations become better, together.

Developing Leadership Competencies & Wellbeing

Coloplast, wanted to develop their talent’s leadership competencies and current performance.

We co-created a 14 month applied L+D Programme to enable groups of talents to form new habits.
One set of habits improved their leadership competencies (such as influence and providing/receiving feedback).
One set of habits improved their well-being and management of mental resources.

Project manager with new habits that reduced stress

An engaged project manager, experienced high stress and decreased well-being. She had trouble sleeping, issues being present and felt less effective at work.

Using our Body & Behaviour Assessment and Manpremo MAHOUT, she developed habits that significantly reduced her stress and improved her well-being.

“I now remember what other people are saying in meetings. I respond more thoughtfully. My friend says that I act and look different” 

Leadership team with a new meeting culture

A leadership team needed to accelerate their adoption of new regulations and standards.

We tailored a Development Programme that enabled the mindset and behaviours, required for their new way of working. As part of the programme, the team developed the capacity and capability to change.

“Awareness of the importance of recovery at work became the key to changing our meeting culture”

Thriving at work

Coloplast wanted to help their people sustain high performance, while they developed new leadership competencies

Using our Body & Behaviour Assessment and HRV data, we supported people in discovering their optimal way, to obtain effective sleep, day time recovery and exercise.
We supported the participants in forming habits and re-measuring the impact that these habits were having on their well-being and performance.

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