We help leaders in transforming organisations to create ways of working where people thrive

To be great you need to thrive in changing environments

People thrive when they have the mental capacity and ability to change

Organisations thrive when they provide a culture in which people thrive

In the modern workplace, the rate of change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty leaves many people in a hyper-activated and less productive state. People’s physical and mental capacity is affected by the work environment and vice versa. Hence, thriving is a joint effort.

What we do

We use wearable technology and analytics to identify and motivate the change that has the most impact. We simplify applied knowledge from neuropsychology and physiology to provide practical tools that enable behaviour change.

Habits that improve well-being

Habits that improve culture

How we do it

Our products and services empower people and organisations with objective data and learning, to make it easier to become better, together.

Body & Behaviour Assessment

Manpremo M A H O U T

Online Learning Journeys

Development Programmes

With the help of a coach and your data; identify the habits that will have the greatest impact on your well-being and mental capacity.

Increase awareness of what drains and gains your mental capacity and develop habits to improve, while measuring your progress.

Learn how to increase your ability to form and change habits using the latest knowledge from neuropsychology and physiology.

Combine our products with workshops and consulting services to form programmes, tailored to your specific needs.

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Case Studies

Empowering great people to increase their impact, is what makes us at Manpremo thrive. Here are some examples of how our services have helped great people and organisations become better, together.

Project manager with new habits that reduced stress

An engaged project manager, experienced high stress and decreased well-being. She had trouble sleeping, issues being present and felt less effective at work.

Using our Body & Behaviour Assessment and Manpremo MAHOUT, she developed habits that significantly reduced her stress and improved her well-being.

“I now remember what other people are saying in meetings. I respond more thoughtfully. My friend says that I act and look different” 

Developing Leadership Competencies

An organisation wanted to develop their talent’s leadership competencies

We tailored a Development Programme to enable groups of talents to form two new habits.
One that improved their leadership competency (such as influence, managing complexity and providing/receiving feedback)
One that improved their well-being and mental capacity

A blended learning approach was used: workshop, action learning and e-learning.
The participants measured their progress using a mix of objective, subjective and inter-subjective data.

Leadership team with a new meeting culture

A leadership team needed to accelerate their adoption of new regulations and standards.

We tailored a Development Programme that enabled the mindset and behaviours, required for their new way of working. As part of the programme, the team developed the capacity and capability to change.

“Awareness of the importance of recovery at work became the key to changing our meeting culture”

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